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Sacchetti Pasta


  • 1pkg Metropolitan Market Cheese Sacchetti Pasta


  • 1 Metropolitan Market Pesto sauce (thawed)

  • ¾ c Heavy Cream

  • ½ c White wine

  • 2cloves Garlic - chopped

  • 2oz Glace de Poulet

  • 1Tbl Olive Oil

Recommended Sides

1-2 pcs of Metropolitan Prepared Grilled Chicken Breast


In a sauce pot heat the olive oil and sauté the garlic for about 30 seconds

Add the white wine and reduce by half.

Add the heavy cream and reduce by ¼. Add the pesto and glace de poulet and cook down until reduced by another 1/4 to 1/2.

In a pot add about 3 qts of boiling salted water and bring to a boil add the pasta and cook for

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