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Our Products | metropolitanmarket.com

Exceptional Meat...Exceptional Seafood

Our Products

PREMIUM MEATS  filet_mignon3_NHB  product_pork_chop  product_lamb_chop


Metropolitan Market brings you the finest USDA PrimeUSDA Choice and Angus Reserve Beef.  Our expertly trained butchers hand-cut to exact specifications.  All cuts are trimmed to standards and enjoyed by the country’s best steakhouses and restaurants.  All of our beef is aged a minimum of 28 days for ultimate flavor and tenderness and all steaks, chops and roasts are sealed in our safety lock packaging.


Metropolitan Market knows where to find the best tasting velvety, flavorful veal.  Our veal comes from the Midwest where the diet and climate ensure the best tasting veal possible.  Tender, lean, mouthwatering veal is what you always find at Metropolitan Market.  Milk-white, tender cutlets, chops and roasts are the result of careful hand-selection and an unwavering commitment to quality.  Select from thin-cut, lean scalloppini to sumptuous and elegant Rack of Veal Roasts, or simply enjoy our rich, buttery Frenched Rib Chops.  Our veal is trimmed to standards that would please the most discriminating chef.


Metropolitan Market knows where to find the best tasting lamb – our Domestic American Lamb is the best you can buy.  Metropolitan market offers the finest USDA Choice and USDA Prime American Lamb.  Lamb is a popular and versatile meat that is delicious whether it’s served broiled, seasoned with herbs and spices, roasted, or as a main ingredient in dishes like kabobs.  Lamb can be prepared as part of a classic Americana dish or the focus of cuisines from around the world.

Premium Pork   pork frenched rack

Metropolitan Market knows the two key ingredients to fabulous pork – Tenderness and Juiciness.  We are committed to delivering you the best tasting pork in the market.  You can be confident that when you choose Metropolitan Market pork tenderloin or loin chops for dinner tonight, you will be serving your family the most tender and juicy pork available.



FRESH PRODUCE  Home_Slider-Produce

We feature many fresh products from local farmers in the region, as well as, growers from around the U.S.


EXCEPTIONAL SEAFOOD    grouper black product_shrimp

Our fresh seafood arrives daily from select sources around the world to ensure the freshest product and a wide variety. As a value-added service, special orders are accepted regularly.



What makes Metropolitan Market Chicken the best?  Metropolitan Market chickens are raised especially for us in a clean, low-stress environment.  The chickens consume only premium, all natural feed, formulated by a nutritionist and thoroughly tested in a USDA-certified onsite laboratory.

There's restaurant food and there's culinary school food. The two aren't really one in the same. Techniques, plating and fussiness all come into play and ultimately some major differences in a dish prepared by a culinary student and one prepared by a chef are quite apparent. Since I'm no longer a classroom student and refuse to consider myself a chef I'm not quite sure where I fall with my food. One thing's for sure though, the photo you're looking at is definitely from the culinary school world. I can say with almost 100% certainty that the last time I ever bothered to tourne carrots or cut an airline/supreme/cotelette chicken breast was in my Intro II class a few years ago. The techniques are pretty much classical French but unless you work in a hotel or an old school French restaurant nobody really bothers to do them anymore. I was curious to see if I could still pull them off in a timely manner and to my surprise both seemed far simpler than I had remembered. Anyhow, I'm continuing with the food photos today as I'm still trying to use up all that produce I have jammed into my fridge. So here you go, spiced honey roasted chicken, fennel avocado puree, glazed carrots and a roasted beet sauce. About as culinary school as you can get.  32/365 Strobist info: SB900 @ 1/4 @ 105mm shot into ceiling | SB900 @ 1/32 @ 17mm shot into 28" softbox camera right | Fired via PocketWizard MultiMax Transceivers Camera info: Nikon D700 | Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 | 75mm | 1/125s | f5.6 | ISO200

French Airline Chicken

When you buy Metropolitan Market Fresh Chicken, you can rest assured it contains no antibiotic, pesticide or toxin residues and has exceeded quality standards in ten times the number of tests required by the USDA.  As a result, you can feel good about eating and serving Metropolitan Market Chicken.  Quality you can see and most importantly, superior quality you can taste.

Our Country Club Turkey Breast is the ultimate roast.  The superior flavor and juiciness is perfect for roasting and the leftovers are perfect for sandwiches throughout the week.  In addition, our seasonally available Fresh Natural Whole Birds are unsurpassed in quality.

Metropolitan Market Duck has less fat and more lean meat than ever before.  In fact, USDA information released in 2001 shows that skinless White Pekin duck breast is lower in fat and calories than skinless chicken breast and is comparable in fat and calories to skinless turkey breast.  By properly cooking other duck dishes, you can eliminate 70% of the fat, which leaves a delicious, crisp skin that adds to the distinct flavor of the meat.

Metropolitan market makes preparing duck very convenient with our fully cooked roasted duck half or pre-marinated duck breasts, you’ll find that preparation of these premium items takes just minutes.

While duck is poultry, it is very different from chicken and turkey because it’s a red meat.  This means that a well-prepared duck breast eats more like steak than chicken and is slightly pink in the center when properly cooked to an internal temperature of 160º F.  Different from other read meats, however, duck is very lean and low in saturated fat.


SPECIALTY FOODS  Bacon Water Chestnuts   Mini Beef Wellington Spanakpita

From imported foods to local entrepreneurs and distinctive cheeses from around the globe. Metropolitan Market has some of the most uniquely desired specialty foods in the area.